This is a story …of a slave intern BY Dr. Christopher Wahinya

In the late 1990s my Mother and I came to Kenya when I was just barely 2 years. My father had come the year before. We were fleeing from the war that was there in my country. Since then I have lived in Kenya. I attended nursery school then began my primary school. In 1999 I sat for my Kenya primary school certificate and was lucky to get into one of Kenya’s prestigious high schools where I successfully completed my kcse.

My admission to the university was guaranteed but I was compelled to be treated as a foreigner requiring me to pay an extra 20% more than the average Kenyan. This made it quite a challenge for my parents to pay the fees and this was compounded by the fact that I was I was interested in the medical program. This meant I had to enter into the parallel medical program which was expensive by all standards.
This forced me to look for a cheaper alternative. I was lucky to get a good Samaritan who offered to give me a chance to pursue my dreams of being a medical doctor.
As soon as I graduated from abroad I came back to Kenya. A place I have always known as Home.
To me Kenya has always been my home. This is where I have been brought up and went to school right from nursery. My siblings were all born in Kenya. Today I am doing my internship at a district hospital and am denied pay just because the government considers me a foreigner.
The current government and officials at the ministry of medical services deem it right that I should render services without pay. Be ready to answer every call regardless of the time! Be in good health at all times, and be as energetic as can be to answer to this noble call when needed! Yet on its part it does not find it necessary to pay for services rendered. The excuse is as we have all heard before the government has no money more so to pay a foreigner. The government of Kenya previously paid all refugees …as now referred to!!
I do kindly ask what more would make one a Kenyan? By virtue of being born to a Kenyan parent? Yes.. One too can be a citizen of Kenya through registration. Where then are those like us bred in Kenya for more than 25 years? What of those born and bred in Kenya? Where do we come in? Are we not entitled to being citizens of the only home we have known despite the fact that our parents are not Kenyans. Why is it that its no longer convenient for AFYA HOUZ to pay so called refugees???””
Is it right neigh moral for the government to expect people to work for no pay? Which law guarantees this kind of barbaric action to be perpetuated in this age and time?
The Chinese as we know them got citizenship awarded by the president himself!!!
Is aint it impunity by mafia houz to expect one to do internship without pay???"


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