Dear Comrades,


I salute all members who continued to believe in the Union and aired their views without fear or favour.It clearly portrays we are a democratic union and we are ready to accommodate divergent views as we forge ahead in this battle to occupy every corner of Kismayu.


Indeed we have conquered the City but we must ensure that we contain the destructive forces that linger in the streets as we seek to ensure that the rights of members, the Citizens are upheld.


The Last few days have been tumultuous for the Union but we have portrayed a lot of maturity in the midst of all the allegations and ensured that we still have a strong Union. We must never lose the Union and we should be prepared to defend it even with our lives if called upon to. Indeed no Union official is indispensable and above the interest of the membership.


The decision taken by part of NEC was rush and untimely and resulted in divisions instead of Unity of members, the core to our existence as KMPDU.In exercising powers granted by the constitution, we must be sober and exercise restraint in every way and above all have forethought. The rules of natural justice must be respected by all at all times.


I believe in servant leadership and not dictatorial leadership. I have exemplified the motto 'strong to serve in both spirit and letter'. I will still continue to serve faithfully.


Allegations and counter-allegations have been raised on our pages about conduct of NEC officials during the December 2011 and August/September 2012 strikes. All these issues will be discussed exhaustively including affiliations to political parties that undermine the rights of workers during the AGM, whose date will be communicated to members as per the provisions of our constitution.


An internal audit of the Union accounts will start on Monday and the results communicated to members. If the allegations of misappropriation of funds are proved, then disciplinary action will be taken as provided for in our constitution and the laws of this country.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


"the suspension of the Ag.Secretary General is null and void, hence the status quo prior to 10th October,2012 shall be maintained." Victor Ngani will be able to update you on this.


I urge all members to focus on the implementation of the RTWF and the collective bargaining process so that we can get the best out of the CBA.


Let us focus our energy towards establishing structures and systems that will ensure we have an organization that runs smoothly devoid of petty politics and one that shall never use its members as pawns. A team has already embarked on amending the constitution that will ensure that we have proper laws that will guide this great Union.


We will present the completed CBA in the AGM once the process is completed and I urge members to read the document and make suggestions to our CBA technical team led by Drs Got,Nyakiba and Lukoye.


On the HSC bill, I call upon all members to support the various lobby groups formed to push for formation of a HSC especially the #peremendemovement who have the full support of the Union.


I take this opportunity to offer an olive branch to my fellow colleagues in NEC as am a strong proponent of teamwork that is constructive. We shall overcome this challenge if we focus on our mission and vision. Many members still believe in you.


Let us all conduct ourselves in a sober and civil manner as despite the politics, we are professionals who should conduct our business with a lot of decorum.




Dr Were Onyino,





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