KMPDU Annual Delegates' Conference

To all bona-fide members of KMPDU

Today i greet you with a lot of excitement. This is because, in under one week, we set out to mark another important milestone in our union. On Saturday, the 15th of December 2012, we will have our first ever National Delegates Conference. This will serve as our first Annual Delegates Conference as well. My excitement stems from many reasons, key of which is the fact that we will finally be witnessing the birth of probably the most important organ of our union - the Delegates Conference. 

Our Constitution recognizes the Delegates Conference as the Supreme decision making organ within our union. For 2 long years we have gone on without this important organ, sometimes finding ourselves in potentially disastrous situations which have even threatened the very existence of our union. I want all members to actively participate in the deliberations of this historic event by addressing pertinent issues through the regional delegates whose list will be made public by the end of Wednesday the 12th. 

I have given the very last deadline to the Branch Secretaries to submitt the lists of regional delegates by the end of the day, Tuesday, the 11th. Sadly, any branch which doesn't beat this deadline will be left out of the process for reasons i am about to enumerate. At this juncture, i want to underscore the importance of delegates being chosen in a manner that reflects a fair representation of the membership, this is because, the contributions made by these delegates during the ADC will not be their own, but those of the members they represent. To this end, i want to appeal to all members to collaborate with the branch officials, in making sure that all slots are filled and utilized.

This ADC will also provide us with the opportunity of filling the vacant position of Secretary General, following the decision to step aside (to seek a fresh mandate during the ADC) by Dr. Boniface Chitayi earlier on in May this year. This means that it will be a voting ADC. To this end, i would like to request all those members who are interested in this important position to declare their interest before the close of business (5pm) on Tuesday the 11th. The list of delegates as well as that of contestants will be compiled for presentation to the Labour office (which will over-see the election) on Wednesday the 12th. These lists will enable the labour office to prepare the voters register as well as the ballot papers required for this exercise. Declarations may be sent to the chairman of the elections' committee, Dr. Daniel Somba, on 0721472417 or 0733472417, or on his e-mail address 

During this ADC, I will give my address, the Chaiman will give his report, the Treasurer will present audited accounts of the union since its inception. These are extremely important reports which will require the presence of the branch Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer for collection of the relevant reports and onward dissemination to the members. The branch Treasurer will keep the financial report in safe custody at the branch for scrutiny by the members and any other genuine stakeholder as the need may arise from time to time. We will spell out the plans that are in store for our great union. Budgets will be tabled, as well as plans for investment, expansion, stabilization and growth. We have now reached a new level of development in our union. It will be critical for members to actively input and enrich the plans that are envisioned for our union.

The ADC will also review important NEC decisions with the view of either upholding or nullifying them. I want to thank all members for making it possible for us to come this far. It will never be lost on me that my entry as Ag Sec-Gen was at a time when the union was spiralling out of control. Most of us had given up and some of us went ahead to walk away. However, i want to sincerely thank the bulk of us who paused to re-examine the situation and give our union another chance. Both for ourselves and the few who gave up. The calm that prevailed in the few weeks after the terrible storm of October has enabled us to make unbelievable progress and return enormous gains for our members. We have also experienced some difficulties and failures. This is to be expected especially in situations like the one we have been in. We will share much of these happenings with your representatives during the ADC.

Finally, let us encourage each other to regularize our membership for this union. Unions derive their strength, and success, in the completeness of their membership. If we want to have a strong, effective and successful KMPDU, we must join and regularize our membership in droves. There is a strong need for us to consider changing our tact so that we can return as many gains through boardroom battles as possible as opposed to always addressing our concerns on the streets. This can only happen if the employer is fully aware of a water-tight membership within our union. As we move towards the national elections, i want to end by encouraging the all of us to register as voters, so that we can all participate in changing our country for the better through the power of the vote. All the best and God bless you All.


Dr. Sultani Hadley Matendechero - Ag. Secretary General.

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