Brothers and Sisters within the great KMPDU family;

Today we mark the end of yet another year within our rich history as a union. 2012 has been a most eventful year, with 2 very lengthy and tedious strikes as well as many other important events within our ranks.

First i must thank YOU, bona-fide members of the union, for sticking to the KMPDU dream even when things seemed to be going down. During this year, we have experienced how it feels to be in command, and we have also experienced how it feels to be on the canvas, almost down and out. It is you, the patriots within KMPDU, who have enabled our union to pick itself up, dust itself up and forge ahead. It is intimated that 'it does not matter how many times you fall, but what matters is the number of times you rise up and re-energize yourself to forge ahead.

Today, as i was meeting the commissioners at the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, i could not help but see a bright future for the Kenyan doctor. Indeed this brightness will reverberate to all other health care workers as well as all patients and in effect the whole Kenyan society in general. A new dawn is quickly approaching within the Kenyan health sector. It cannot be lost to us, and anyone else, that these will be the direct achievements of YOU, the bona-fide members of KMPDU.

2013 will be the year during which we MUST harness all our available potential and grow our union into the powerhouse it should be. KMPDU has potential so immense, non of us can possibly see it as per now. What we must do is go for it and we must do that now. We must start encouraging all those members who may not have regularized their membership to do so. It is our mandate as strong willed members to encourage the fence sitting, faint hearted colleagues. KMPDU is a mass movement of sorts, seeking to sweep away all obstacles to the top quality welfare of all doctors, as well as the health sector in general.

The NEC will be committing to supporting the branches in carrying out a massive recruitment drive accross the country, so that we can have over 90% membership within the next 6 months. We will also be unveiling highly effective mechanisms through which the plight of all those member upon whose welfare the authorities have trampled, will be addressed.

We want to open up participation of members in the decision making process. To this end, i will be getting in touch with the Constitution review committee so that we can move forward with the process of developing a highly robust and empowering constitution for our union. We want to empower the branchjes so that members can channel thir grievances in a more effective manner. In the future, major decisions like calling a strike will have to be made after exhautive and meticulous consultations with the wider membership through the structure we are establishing. 

I want to encourage all members to avoid confrontational discourse moving forward. Let us articulate our concerns clearly and gracefully through the established structures. As we move towards the full functionality of our branches, members will be asked to channel all their querries, grievances and concerns through the union email addresses (iec@kmpdu.org and nec@kmpdu.org). We are committed to addressing all concerns as much as possible.

Finally, i want to wish you a Happy New Year 2013... I have said and will keep on saying that this is going to be the year of KMPDU. Enjoy the celebrations but take care.... God bless you all, KMPDU family.


Dr. Sultani Matendechero

Secretary General.

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