This is an appeal on this issue of CBA. First I would wish to categorically say that I support recentralization fully as a union position and also because I know that this is important currently. Its about our welfare and security. Seconly I also wish to make it clear that I support the proposed strike 100%.

 Please I ask all of us to take time and think about this, its very important that we dont miss out on strategy and lose like the previous time. Lets take time and reflect on the point raised by the people who are insisting on CBA. Its not selfishness, we must carry all our weapons to war, and we cannot keep striking all the time. Currently the worst fear by this government is the escalating wage bill and we have to use this to achieve our goals. What the goverment fears most is a union asking for an increase in salaries/wages and they would do anything to stop such. With CBA as part of our strike notice, the government will try to give in to all other things as long as they escape the snare of CBA. Therefore it still remains that if we leave CBA out of our strike notice, we will have left a major weapon as we even go to war. Comrades, we cannot afford to ommit CBA from this strike notice. It will be a terrible blunder. Personally I believe that we can get something out of it, but I accept the majority decision because it is a union and its about give and take. Please lets include it just for strategy purposes if not for any other thing.


About the feeling of the other unions and stakeholders, first let us make them understand why we need this for strategy, and secondly let us also encourage them to put in money issues in there respective notices. This is the only thing that will fight the political and law aspect of this push...


I wish to say this and it is not a threat but just an information because history will judge me right again. The law and the constitution are assess (they have no respect for anything) and it doesnt matter. We cannot fight them by bravado, numbers or noise. Street demonstrations cannot fight the constitution unless its a political clamour/civil push or a democratic process pushing for an amendment to the constitution. What we are facing now requires tact, cleverness, smartness and that can only happen through using the fears of those in positions of influence and who can do something about it. Blind strike without a strategy will bring us down and bruised with nowhere to turn to. Sometimes lone voices should be heard and I am asking us to think about this as we even go along lobbying/mobilizing each other.


 This may be the second time we may not be taken seriously, other vocal members have gone into hiding because they have seen the folly the union is plunging itself into...It takes a man to go against the grain. During the last strike some of us were very vocal on what we needed to anchor our clamour on and we were ignored. This time even as we go to this please, do not ignore this article.


As a union member and leader, I again reiterate my support for the agitation for centralization. I do it more because personally and coast branch had seen all this earlier than everyone and we were the strongest proponents of HSC during the previous strike but we were shortchanged.






Thanks people.



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