A class in Fallacious Arguments By Nyagasi Oduwo

1. The reductive fallacy (Oversimplification) “Doctors should be honored for the privilege to learn in KNH- Nyongo”

There are many models in approaching funding and management of postgraduate training, workforce planning and medical careers. Please see link for how a serious government does it http://www.mmcinquiry.org.uk/MMC_InquiryReportREVD3.pdf

2. Argument by dismissal “The government has fired doctors for an illegal strike as ruled by the industrial court petitioned by the AG because doctors perform essential services- Nyongo”

The very same court issued a decision protecting the same strike a fortnight before. Moreover, the Constitution Chapter 4 Article 41 (c) clearly makes no exclusion to this right to on the basis of “essential services”.

3. Argument by half-truth (Suppressed evidence) “The Government has paid doctors all their dues – Kazungu Kambi”

NONE of the issues covered in the RTWF agreement has been fully implemented. They partially implemented, suspended negotiations, violated timelines and ignored the musyimi report.

4. Argument by internal Error of Fact (plain out fibbing- Pinocchio moments) “KNH has brought in new doctors and consultants have been recalled from leave”

This one doesn’t merit a counter-effort. Its like trying to argue the earth is flat. (is it?)

5. The thought terminating cliché (Hands are tied argument). “How can we pay someone who is not a civil servant Kazungu Kambi?”

If you can hire the CEO of KNH who is NOT a career civil servant on contract, im sure you can find a way to compensate the rest of the staff on the same principle in any case the government is ALREADY doing this in the very same ministry with nurses in contract hiring, the Kazi kwa Vijana scheme and the mulititudes of irregular contracts being paid out to ghost firms.

6. Appeal to sympathy (Better known as the Galileo argument) “Doctors have abandoned patients to suffer”

Patients were suffering BEFORE the strike from chronic health system underinvestment. Plus you had nine months and 21days of strike notice to avoid that

And so many more ☺

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