Our Work

The Union is involved in bringing together and uniting doctors of all cadres and qualifications in Kenya. Some of our work includes the following:

  • To unite Doctors of all cadres and qualifications in Kenya.
  • To provide means for co-operation among the Doctors and the expression of their collective opinions, views and decisions upon matters affecting the interest of health care Provision in Kenya.
  • To actively engage all stakeholders on any policy issues touching on the delivery of healthcare services and to promote the principles of equity, professionalism and meritocracies.
  • To secure effective representation of the doctors on the Government, public and private sectors or organizations, where such representation may be required.
  • To place at the disposal of the Kenya Government, the Ministry for health, and any Council, board, organization, public, private or Parastatal, concerned with or have relation to health care matters, the advice, experience, and general co-operation of the union.
  • To co-operate with other societies, bodies, associations, unions or organizations within or outside Kenya having Objectives together or in part similar to the objectives of the Union.
  • To raise and maintain the standard and status of the stated Profession and to endeavour to make available to members of the Union higher posts in the Health Care system of the Country.

  • To offer advice and general assistance to individual members in Health Care and Professional matters, and in legal cases in which a member may be involved.
  • To secure and maintain unified and better terms and conditions of employment and service for all Doctors.
  • To settle disputes between members of the Union or between its members and their employers and to regulate their relations between them by collective and constitutional means.
  • To participate and organize professional conferences, medical and non-medical, local or international that contribute positively to the membership.
  • To encourage and assist members to form Credit Unions, Consumer Co-operatives, Education funds, Burial and Benevolent Funds/Schemes and any other socio-economic ventures.
  • To seek and obtain legal advice and any other assistance on any matters affecting the Union or for protecting the rights of a member or members on matters arising out of the relations with their employers.