The Union gives medical doctors the power to negotiate for fair wages,

more favourable working conditions, and other benefits
through collective bargaining.

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Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) is the trade union that represents all medical doctors in employment and labour relations in Kenya with an aim of improving doctors’ welfare.

The union also engages actively in health advocacy with an objective of ensuring Kenyans have access to high-quality healthcare with emphasis on the public health sector.

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In the forthcoming polls, how will political leaders PRIORITISE our ISSUES? ...It is only if we voice them incessantly, for those priorities to show up in different public forums and their manifestos.


Healthcare is our priority, we MUST begin to engage with our leaders, assess what has been achieved and focus on how to BUILD UP together.

We appreciate @GovLeeKinyanjui for a successful engagement.


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KMPDU during NAC Meeting in Nairobi expresses displeasure over Budget Allocation to Health.

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