KAJIADO Health Crisis: An Urgent Call for Action!

On 30th November 2023, we engaged with doctors in Kajiado to understand the challenges they face, and the situation is deeply alarming: 1. Delayed Promotions: Frustration mounts due to promotions marred by nepotism, clanism, and favouritism. The system needs an overhaul! 2. Redesignation Woes: Shockingly, qualified doctors are being solicited for bribes for rightful redesignation. A blatant disregard for professionalism! 3. Unfair Transfers: Doctors face erratic and punitive transfers without the promised compensation, violating HR norms. It’s a breach of trust! 4. Burnout Epidemic: Severe burnout looms as Kitengela, Kajiado, and Oloitoktok grapple with a critical shortage of doctors. The plea for reinforcements goes unanswered. 5. Financial Disciplining: Some doctors experience unlawful salary and allowance withholding as a form of discipline. This draconian approach contradicts HR protocols. 6. Training Opportunities Stalled: The cessation of training opportunities disrupts health workforce development. A setback we can’t afford! 7. Resource Crunch: Hospitals lack essential equipment and drugs, hindering efficient patient care. Lives are at stake! In light of these dire issues, KMPDU issued a 7-day strike notice, aiming for a comprehensive resolution. It’s a plea for justice, fairness, and a commitment to a healthcare system that truly serves the people.

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