Yesterday’s meeting in Kericho was a powerful demonstration of our resolve and determination to fight for our rights as health workers. As health workers, we face numerous challenges every day, including low pay, lack of promotions, and poor working conditions. We call on the counties to stop frustrating us with perennial salary delays and lack of promotions. We cannot continue to work under these conditions, and if nothing changes, we may be forced to take drastic action.
We urge all health workers to stay strong under the union, as it is the only umbrella that can shelter us from the rain. Let us stand together and fight for our rights. We also call on the government to prioritize the health sector and allocate more resources to improve our working conditions and ensure quality healthcare for all. We are ready to do our part, but we need the government’s support to succeed.
In conclusion, we want to reiterate our commitment to fighting for our rights as health workers. We will not rest until we have achieved our goals. Let us stay united and continue this fight until we get what we deserve.

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