Standing United: Trade Unions Advocate for a Fair Tax System and Equality

At the 31st PSI World Congress, trade unions stand united against the injustice of taxing their members into poverty!

Union leaders across the world refuse to let the wealthy and corporate giants hide their wealth in tax havens and offshore accounts while the rest suffer. Tax experts alone cannot shape our tax and financial systems – they are a powerful tool to forge a society that prioritizes everyone’s needs.

Our governments must be made to overhaul systems that prioritize profits over people and demand an end to tax systems that fuel inequality, foster corruption and undermine democracy.

We will fight for a just tax system, in the streets and in the boardrooms. Our taxes must be used to put in place functional and accessible public services that will respond to every citizen’s needs.



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Evelyne Wanyonyi

Evelyne is passionate about Technology and Innovation.

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