Africa Climate Summit

A Just transition is a pivotal concept in addressing the pressing challenges of environmental sustainability and social equity. It underscores the importance of ensuring that as societies shift towards more sustainable practices and renewable energy sources, the burdens and benefits are distributed fairly, particularly to vulnerable communities. This concept is crucial because it not only mitigates the potential social upheaval caused by abrupt economic and industrial shifts but also has a direct connection to the resilience of healthcare systems.

Climate change exacerbates health risks and exposes the fragility of healthcare infrastructure, a just transition can help create more resilient communities by addressing systemic health disparities, reducing pollution-related illnesses, emergence and reemergence of diseases and promoting equitable access to healthcare resources.

By fostering environmental sustainability and social justice, a just transition bolsters the resilience of healthcare systems, ultimately safeguarding public health in an era of increasing environmental fragility.

“We aspire to chart a new growth agenda powered by renewable energy that will be just ,fair and deliver shared prosperity and sustainable development”.

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