Africa Climate Summit 2023




 Quick facts

 Did you know that dirty air is the biggest cause of death in Africa, after non-communicable diseases?

 Did you know that climate also has its justice? Do you know about Just Transition for climate change?

 Did you know human activities are the major influence on climate change?


 Political leaders, policymakers, scientists, and activists from around Africa and the world are gathering in Nairobi, Kenya from 4th –6th September to discuss and address issues related to climate change. These include topics such as climate adaptation and resilience, renewable energy development, conservation of biodiversity, and efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change in Africa.


 When we talk of climate change, KMPDU is not left behind either. These are the questions that are very vital in the healthcare system. What exactly  is the impact of climate change on Kenya’s health sector? What is the relationship between climate change and health systems? What is the health workers’ focus on climate change? We all ought to know that the union is not only focused on salary increment and doctors’ welfare but also have a responsibility for the social – economic welfare of the community, hence climate change and its effect becomes one of the key issues that the union is to address by coming up with policies and regulations that ensure Just Transition for climate change. KMPDU is working in partnership with Global Labour University (GLU) to ensure a Just Transition in climate change in Kenya. The union is thinking of including issues of climate change and Just Transition in the CBAs. This is because climate change directly impacts health through extreme weather events, air pollution, and the spread of

diseases. But it also affects access to clean water, food security, and overall well being.


 By prioritizing climate action, we’re not only protecting our environment but also investing in the health and future of all Africans. Did you know that if we embark on protecting our environment and ensuring a Just Transition for climate change we will render our hospitals vacant? There would be a reduced number of patients in the hospitals’ beds, the facilities, medical equipment, and drugs would be enough, doctors would have to work for fewer working hours and there would be a reduced number of deaths in Kenya. The need to protect our environment is just beyond emphasis.


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