“Corporate Controlled essential services: Profit Over People”

The ESA Sub Regional Committee (SUBRAC) meeting began in earnest yesterday in Kigali Rwanda. The meeting brings together trade unionists from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania
The Key message during the opening of the meeting was that the Global Private Profiteers have earmarked Kenya as their first point of attack in Africa in their current agenda of privatizing public utilities while having workers and communities as an after thought.
We ( Kenyans) are walking into a catastrophe because it is quite clear that we are unprepared for what is coming.
It was unanimously agreed that trade unions must foreground resistance to Privatization of public utilities and that we must begin engaging in more effective and transformative politics to address the many crises that will be presented by privatization.
KMPDU stands against Privatization of public utilities at the expense of the Kenyan citizens, including Public Healthcare. We must all be aware that Privatization will harm the country, the continent, and the entire globe.
We are for safeguarding and improving public services, and we say No to anything that prioritizes profit over people.

Impove public healthcare

KMPDU calls #invest in healthcare

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