The most important word in the language of the working class is SOLIDARITY “
Unions representing workers in the public sector have agreed to tackle the SRC menace jointly.
Yesterday, the trade union leaders under the umbrella of PSI met and agreed to move to court to seek a constitutional interpretation of the mandate of the SRC vis-à-vis the constitutional provisions under article 41.
The SRC has consistently and persistently over stepped its constitutional mandate contravening Article 41 of the Constitution and Labour Relations Act and the International Labour Organization, ILO, Convention on the protection of wages for every individual where workers are guaranteed the freedom to negotiate for CBAs.
The right to a free and fair remuneration, including the right to Collective Bargaining, can never be a reserve of government.

Next week, KMPDU and all the public sector unions will be attending the PSI SUBRAC meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, where we will participate in the election of the Titular for the East and West Africa region. It is our hope that the position will come to Kenya for the first time.

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