On Monday the 7th of August 2023, KMPDU joined Embu doctors for a Kamkunji session to discuss critical issues affecting its members.

There exists a deplorable state of healthcare where doctors are not supported to offer services, no drugs, no equipment, no lab reagents, and medical supplies.

Embu Doctors are being subjected to injustices that cannot wait any longer. We cannot negotiate CBAs, or have career progression guidelines and schemes of services just to gather dust in closets. These documents are agreements and procedures intended to support doctors to offer services to the public effectively.

Some of the issues discussed include promotions, arbitrary contracts, unemployment, breach of data protection, and non-statutory deductions.
We are not going to be in the business of begging for favors from counties. It is high time we took action on Embu County’s indifference to doctors’ welfare, where consultants are stagnating and retiring in job group M, doctors engaged in poor and demeaning contracts, dire staff shortages and failure to remit statutory deductions inadequate and demotivated healthcare workers.
KMPDU will adopt a multi-pronged approach that will include but are not limited to, the 21-day strike notice issued today and court litigations.

We guarantee our members that we remain committed to serving them. Together we shall triumph.
We shall overcome!

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