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Mental health awareness is crucial for healthcare workers in Kenya, given the unique challenges they face on the front lines. These dedicated professionals work tirelessly and witness distressing scenarios daily, putting them at risk of burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression.

That’s why we at KMPDU (Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union) ,
established the Wellness Committee, an ad-hoc committee dedicated to promoting the well-being of our doctors. The Wellness Committee is committed to providing proactive support and resources to address mental health challenges faced by doctors (healthcare workers). We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where our members can openly discuss their struggles and seek help without fear of stigma and this enhances the quality of care they provide to patients.

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We need to normalize discussions about mental well-being and create a supportive work environment while offering access to mental health resources, counseling services, and support groups that can provide much-needed support. Also, training programs on stress management, resilience, and self-care can equip doctors with the tools to cope with the emotional toll of their work.

We have initiated a chat group on this page too.


Long live the Union!

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