KENYA Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists’ UNION is an affiliate of PSI – Public Services International a GUF which brings together 700 trade unions representing more than 30 million working people globally.

As part of its mandate of strengthening trade unions, Yesterday, the PSI West and East Africa Sub-Regional Secretary Dr Everline Aketch together with an Organizing Consultant Steven Ward from Oregon (USA) held an inception meeting with KMPDU to develop an organizing strategy for the union to effectively and efficiently organize doctors in both the public and private health sectors in the country. The urgent need to effectively organize doctors in these spaces has arisen due to the increasing unfair labour practices being witnessed in the country’s health sector. The increasing underemployment of young doctors and indignified rates of remuneration by both public and private health facilities must be addressed. Our unity and solidarity will ensure that every employer subscribes to the Council rates for locums and/or employ doctors on the right terms and conditions set out in our CBAs.

KMPDU will partner with PSI in strategically organizing meetings, workshops and other capacity-building activities towards this endeavour.

We look forward to the active participation of our members whenever called upon.

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