On 9th May 2023 , we held a meeting with the Health Cabinet Secretary, Hon Susan Nakhumicha, and Chairman of the Health Committee for Council of Governors, Muthomi Njuki, addressed some critical issues that are affecting the health sector in our country. We discussed the delayed payment of interns, the acute shortage of doctors in public hospitals, and the upcoming CBA negotiations.

We have reached an agreement on some of these issues. Firstly, interns who have not been paid for the last four months will receive their payment in arrears by 22nd May 2022. We also agreed to post the 360 medical interns whose posting has been delayed by 1st June 2023.

Moreover, We agreed that the basic salary component of CBA 2017-2021 is a court order and must be complied with, and we will commence negotiations for the CBA 2021-2025 in two weeks’ time. We believe that this will provide a platform to address some of the challenges facing healthcare workers in the country.

We want to emphasize that failure to honour these agreements will lead to intern doctors downing their tools without further notice. We are hopeful that the government will walk the talk in a bid to foster industrial harmony in the health sector.

We remain committed to providing quality healthcare services to our citizens and will continue to work towards ensuring that our healthcare workers are well taken care of.

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