THE UFUNGAMANO DECLARATION: KMPDU Takes Action on Delayed Payment and Underemployment of Doctors.

On 9th May 2023, the Union Leadership met with hundreds of intern doctors and unemployed doctors at the historic UFUNGAMANO Hall to deliberate on delayed posting, delayed payment, underemployment and unemployment of doctors.

We listened to their heart-wrenching narrations of what these young colleagues go through and we agreed to push for immediate commencement of negotiations of the 2021-2025 CBA which we believe will comprehensively address these issues.

We also agreed that some of their concerns like payment of delayed salaries and posting of interns could not wait any further and must be sorted out within the next 2 weeks or they withdraw their skills.

We thank all those who made it for the meeting and urge them to continue having faith in their union, FOR THE UNION MAKES US STRONG!

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