On Monday, the 29th of May 2023, alongside the dedicated medical interns, We held a constructive meeting with the Ministry of Health to address pressing issues related to salary arrears and posting. First and foremost, the Ministry has taken immediate action to ensure that the May salaries of the medical interns have been disbursed as earlier promised. In addition to the May salaries, we have reached a mutual agreement regarding the settlement of arrears. Both current and past interns will receive their arrears in the upcoming June pay slip.
Moreover, effective from the 1st of July, all remaining interns will be duly posted. We want to acknowledge the unwavering determination and advocacy of our medical interns. Through their unity and perseverance, we have achieved these favorable outcomes. Their voices were heard, and the impact of their collective efforts is evident in the solutions we have reached.
This accomplishment is a testament to the power of collective action and dialogue in achieving positive change within our healthcare system.

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