KMPDU stands firm in addressing the stark reality that clouds the vision of Universal Healthcare in Kenya. While it’s an admirable goal to provide essential healthcare services to all citizens without financial strain, the current state of our healthcare system paints a different picture.

The shortage of qualified healthcare professionals, especially doctors, remains a critical hurdle that hampers our ability to deliver quality care. This issue demands immediate attention as overworked and under-appreciated health workers struggle to meet patient needs. Long waiting times and compromised care have become unfortunate norms due to this shortfall.

The scarcity of vital medical supplies further exacerbates the situation. Patients are left to bear the consequences of delayed treatments and inadequate care, which is an indictment of the government’s commitment to our citizens’ well-being.

The non-implementation of the 2017-2021 CBA is deeply disappointing. Our dedicated doctors deserve their rightful due, including fair treatment, promotions, and proper medical coverage. It’s a distressing reality that some are left without contracts or cover, while tirelessly serving the health of our nation.

We are resolute in not giving up on the vision of Universal Healthcare. Instead, we call for action to address these challenges head-on. Our healthcare workers deserve respect, proper treatment, and immediate implementation of the CBA. It’s high time we invest in our healthcare system, prioritize our doctors, and ensure that quality healthcare is a reality for all Kenyan citizens.

Bridging the gap between promise and reality requires bold steps. Let’s pave the way for a healthcare system that truly serves our people and empowers our doctors to provide the best care possible. Together, we can make Universal Healthcare a tangible and accessible reality.


#Long live the Union

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