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Stakeholders’ Engagement

The healthcare sector is an essential aspect of any country, and the quality of healthcare services provided can have a significant impact on the overall well-being of the population. However, providing quality healthcare services can be a challenge, especially in areas where resources are limited. This is where stakeholders’ engagement comes in as a key factor in alleviating healthcare sector

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KMPDU Presents doctors’ petition to the Senate

Today, we presented our petition on various issues to the senate, we are deeply concerned about the paradoxical situation of unemployment among doctors in Kenya while the country is facing a critical shortage of healthcare workers. The data speaks for itself: with only 5680 doctors in the public sector, the demand for healthcare services far exceeds the supply. And yet,

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Push for The Formation of a Health Service Commission (HSC)

Early today, we had a critical meeting with Health sector unions, associations, societies, and civil society organizations in Kenya. The purpose of the meeting was to push for the formation of a Health Service Commission (HSC) in the country. As we know, the Constitution of Kenya (2010) devolved health services to the 47 counties, which was a significant milestone towards

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Unions’ Meeting with The President

Yesterday, the 14th day of February 2023 KMPDU joined other Unions for a breakfast meeting with His Excellency, the President Dr. William Ruto at State House Nairobi to discuss the Kenya Kwanza health agenda. We reminded His Excellency of the promise he gave to Kenyans in the UDA manifesto about provision of quality and free healthcare services to every Kenyan

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KMPDU-Nairobi presents a petition to the Nairobi County Assembly Clerk

Today KMPDU Nairobi branch members downed their tools and held a peaceful demonstrations at the Nairobi City County offices to present a petition to the Nairobi County Assembly Clerk over lack of NHIF Comprehensive Insurance Cover. Failure by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services to remit the deductions has denied health workers medical care. It is shame that the caregivers cannot access

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KMPDU March to Kiambu Governor Office, protest removal from comprehensive NHIF cover to a private inferior medical cover

Yesterday we marched with Kiambu healthcare workers to the Governor’s office to deliver a memorandum on the rudimentary actions of forceful impromptu removal from comprehensive NHIF cover to a private inferior medical cover. This is a disservice to all Kenyans who rely on their care, we stand united in their fight for quality healthcare for all. No one should be

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